A World Without Wheat…Rewind…Relocate…Rejuvenate

Until now, I have only blogged on Patch, specifically Hellertown Lower Saucon Patch in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. When Patch fired our local editor, Josh Popichak, the website suffered severe deceleration. Without a real editor the local content screeched to a halt. I blogged a couple more times but felt that the integrity of the site was gone. Weeks passed. I missed writing and posting on the several topics I used to cover, particularly celiac disease and my struggle to become healthy and wheat free.

So I decided to start my own blog, Josh (whom I have remained in contact with) suggested WordPress. I investigated. And here I am!

I think I will re-post many of my old blog posts as I fear Patch will totally fold without warning and they will be lost. Keep an eye out for them! I will note the approximate date of their original appearance.

Welcome to A World Without Wheat… Re-born, post Patch, to Word Press. Join me as I continue my journey post gluten and loving it more or less depending on what’s for dinner….

2 thoughts on “A World Without Wheat…Rewind…Relocate…Rejuvenate

    • Angie Drake says:

      Awww…thank you Beth, you are my first comment! How appropriate. I am thrilled to move my blog here and have a fresh start in a lovely little home! 🙂


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