An Amazing Book on Making Great Food

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is like second nature to me.  I grew up on a small farm and my parents were crazy gardeners.  When the green beans were ready we would eat gigantic bowls of them and nothing else! When it was strawberry season my mom would make a huge shortcake with an enormous biscuit that filled a turkey platter and was piled nearly a foot high with a second biscuit and hundreds of juice homegrown berries.  Don’t even get me started on the asparagus she served in a cream sauce made with raw milk from our own cows.

So when I saw this book at the library with a bag of veggies and fruits on the cover that talked about reclaiming the nutrients and flavors that have been lost in today’s meals I was hooked before I opened the cover.  It is “Eating on the Wild Side…The Missing Link to Optimum Health” by Jo Robinson.   Image

I read it in about 3 days, couldn’t put it down.  It covers a wide array of fresh produce and categorizes them by plant family; melons, alliums (onions), stone fruits, lettuces and so on.  There is a summary at the end of each section that gives the reader the most salient facts necessary to make good food choices.   This book tells you which varieties have the most nutrients and minerals in them, which to grow in your home garden and how to prepare them to get the most out of your produce, both in flavor and nutrition.  Image

If you are serious about your health and eating right it is incredibly informative.  If you are a vegetarian it ought to be required by law.  I highly recommend it even if you just borrow it at the library like I did and read about the best ways to store, cook and grow vegetables and fruits you will be glad for the great details on what is more nutritious  and why.

There are a few recipes sprinkled through out this volume but it truly is a great reference on getting the most nutrition and eating to feed your body to a new healthier you.  The color of veggies and fruits can be a clue as to what is healthier, how you cook your carrots matters and she tells the best way to freeze foods for enjoying off season.  artichoke

This is such an amazing book, I had to write about it.  It is chock full of surprising plant facts and helpful hints on how to store produce better, prepare it healthier and make better choices in the store.  I promise you will be inspired by it!

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