Fruity Frozen Chocolaty Popsicles

A frozen fruity tasty treat can be found at your local Giant grocery store.  Chocolate covered strawberry fruit bars, six in a box with only 90 calories per treat!  As a bonus, the price for a box of these beauties was pretty reasonable. The flavor is excellent, not too sweet, fresh strawberry flavor and a tasty chocolate coating. I gobbled mine up far too fast….can’t wait to enjoy another bar.    strawberry pop

They are found in the frozen treats case and are the store brand; made specifically for Giant Food Stores, a chain in Pennsylvania, Maryland and a few other East Coast states.  My New England friends are probably out of luck.  Let me know if you can get them in your geographical areas.

The first ingredient is strawberry puree followed by water, sugar, coconut oil, chocolate liquor, cocoa powder, etc.  There is even a touch of carrot juice in there.  No gluten in these bars; the box is marked gluten free and this product is manufactured in a peanut free facility.  There is dairy and soy in these bars, albeit a small percentage for sure, these things are at the lower end of the ingredient list.

I love that it is only 90 calories and the first ingredient is a fruit puree.  Safe for me, low in calories, made with real fruit as the first ingredient which is pretty rare in a fruit pop.  Get a box and enjoy them guilt free when the heat index goes up later next week!

3 thoughts on “Fruity Frozen Chocolaty Popsicles

  1. Angie Drake says:

    I hear they come in several other flavors, coconut, mango, banana! The mango must end up in my freezer this week for sure…..


  2. Angie Drake says:

    Okay,so my freezer is full now; coconut, mango and banana. I have tried the coconut; smashingly good; not too sweet or too coconuty as I feared. Today will be mango day. I can’t wait!


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