My Eating Out Adventures on Vacation….In One Word…Yummy!

I have to say that eating out GF is easier in the city and in the more pricey restaurants.  My guess is that they have clientele who speak their mind and have asked for GF choices.  So when I was in Boston last week I was lucky enough to be invited out to Legal Seafood with my sister and her husband’s family.   They gave me a separate GF menu which noted what was safe for me and was quite extensive.  I had my food brought by a separate server whom I believed to be an assistant restaurant manager.  I have some incredible gluten free food including tempura deep fried calamari and a safe for me seafood casserole which was rather rich but totally yummers! Full of shrimp, scallops, lobster and scrod in a bed of sherry and cheese gf bread crumbs.  Crazy good!  Also had a couple of gf dinner muffins, two small raw oysters with a champagne mignonette.  Blood orange sorbet for dessert.

The other restaurant I ate at was called Davios.  Our very attentive waiter gave me a gf menu and discussed the options with me. I had gf gnocchi with mushroom sauce and it was fantastic. Then I enjoyed a fillet of halibut over roasted potatoes and corn, the fish was amazing and perfectly prepared.  I had tastes of the safe food my sister and her husband ordered before they put their forks into the dish. The gf bread was warmed slices and the napkin it came nestled in was a different color from the regular bread napkin, a visual signal to the server that it was gf. 

I was stuffed but someone ordered me a dessert; they didn’t want me to sit with nothing while they ate volcano cake with ice cream! I enjoyed a lovely bowl of ripe raspberries. Perfection and actually made my full tummy feel fantastic.

I had a gf hot dog at Fenway. It wasn’t that thrilling; the bun was near to stale.  But my ice cream bar made up for it; vanilla with a band of chocolate ice cream and coated in dark chocolate.  Same as I have had in the past and just as good. Great ball game, very enjoyable.  The GF stand did have a sign but it said “gluten friendly” and that is just plain weird!

In contrast to Fenway, last week I visited the gf stand and ate a gf hot dog at an Iron Pigs game. It was wonderful.  A big, juicy hot dog snugged in a tasty and not crumbly bun.  They also have a large sign saying Gluten Free and their menu says it too.  Well done Iron Pigs even if they lost the game 9 to 2.  I can’t wait to go back for another hot dog.

To summarize, it is always a good sign when a restaurant has a separate gf menu and when their servers are knowledgeable about what is safe and what isn’t.  Both of those things are reassuring to a celiac eating out and make the restaurant experience safer and less stressful. I was very lucky on my trip and did not feel ill or glutened.

Now if only I could get some more of that gf calamari…….and an Iron Pigs gf hot dog with lots of yellow mustard!

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