Why being a coeliac is the best thing ever

I don’t generally repost other people’s blog posts but this one was so well said I just have to share it with anyone who reads my blog. Says so much that I think about and about how it is for me to live gluten free. Well done!

Gluten Free Blogger

A bold title to a post, but hear me out.

Feeling healthy and happy Feeling healthy and happy

These past few weeks I’ve been struggling through injuries – a torn muscle in my shoulder and broken finger, ironically not even related at all! – and it’s given me time to really reflect on my time blogging. When I started this blog it was as a hobby, something to pass the spare hours at uni and something I never thought would take off quite as well as it did. I wanted to show that a gluten free life doesn’t have to be boring or isolating, that giving up gluten could open so many doors and bring your kitchens to life.

Through the recipes, restaurant reviews, product testing and general musing, not only has my blog grown, but so have I. I’ve discovered so many amazing products, grown confidence in the kitchen and in eating out…

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