Eating Out at Bella’s Is a GF Yumm Fest!

Over the Christmas holidays I had a work related supper gathering at Bella’s here in Hellertown.  I was glad they chose Bella’s because not many places in the area have an actual gluten free menu.  I have eaten there twice in the past year and enjoyed some fantastic shrimp on pasta with a pink vodka sauce.  Yes, I got the same thing twice; it was soo good I could not consider anything else on the menu when we went back a few months later.

bella sign

This meal was no exception to the yummy rule.  I ordered the gluten free ravioli in the pink vodka sauce with some grilled chicken on top.  It was a healthy serving of ravioli, maybe not as extravagant as their linguine serving but plenty of pasta!  The sauce was every bit as good as the last two times.  I am not a big fan of pink vodka tomato sauce but their chef makes an extraordinary version and so Bella’s is the place where I order that particular pasta sauce.  It was full of flavor and smooth and went perfectly with the baked ravioli which were delicious in the traditional cheese ravioli form. The grilled chicken was tasty: in manageable chunks and was cooked properly.  There was a good sprinkling of fresh parsley which I appreciated.  And the waiter brought the cheese mill and added some fresh grated Romano on top.  Grazie!

Having enjoyed every bite of this beautifully presented dish I would happily order it again.  Next time I will take a picture of the plate before I dig in (to post here!) and take some home as I felt stuffed, like a thanksgiving turkey, after eating the entire entrée. Of course, I also ate a house salad and did have a small complimentary glass of house white wine.  The salad was decent and the wine was pretty good.

They had a couple of yummy sounding gluten free dessert choices but I was way too full for any of them.  Still, it was nice to know there were dessert options if I saved some room for such…next time!

I did not have any symptoms after the meal, so it was prepared properly and totally safe, just like the other two meals I ate there in the past year.  The service was great, the atmosphere is very comfortable and I highly recommend eating there to all my gluten free friends.  They now have some gf pizza on the menu; maybe next time!

bella 2

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