Bagel Bagel!

Bagels, I want bagels; chewy, flavorful and gluten free.  Not tasteless, sponge-like icebergs like the ones they sell in the freezer case.  But, fresh real bagels that are safe for me and anyone else with celiac disease.  So I finally tried to make them myself.  First try, success for most part.   Full of flavor and texture. Yummers!  I made one batch; makes six large bagels.  The blend of several gluten free flours and the long cool refrigerator rising gave them great flavor.  Mine were a bit saggy, a tad deflated! And not as pretty as the bagels in Nicole Hunn’s cookbook and one of mine broke in half in its bath.  Yes, in the bagel bath! Bagels get a quick dip in a molasses and salt flavored hot water bath before baking. I baked my batch 5 minutes longer than the recipe as they didn’t seem quite done at 20 minutes. Next time I will make sure I connect the two ends firmly so they can’t come apart no matter how clumsy I am at turning them in the water bath. The dough gets rolled into a fat snake that you join into a donut shape before letting them rise for an hour. Then their bath and bake and bagel heaven is yours…..

bagels 007

Now, this recipe is not one I created, you can get it from the cookbook, Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread, page 126. Nicole Hunn is a genius at baking gf breads. Please follow her recipes closely and you gotta use her special gf flour blends; just make the blend up from recipes provided in her cookbook.  The secrets include using some unorthodox ingredients like pectin and whey protein isolate.  The whey is very pricy and you need a fair amount of it.  I don’t bake her breads that often as I find the flour ingredients not that cheap.   But, I love her rolls fresh out of the oven, almost wheaty in texture and flavor.  So well worth a go.

Not bad for my first effort at bagels.  I took pictures as I went but in my excitement I forgot one of them bathing!  Aiden got his fingers in one of the shots; he was standing on a stool watching me shape them.  I had to take him  home before they were done rising, he was pretty disappointed not to have a bagel to munch on tonight.

bagels 001bagels 002bagels 003bagels 004bagels 005bagels 007

Nicole is not happy if other bloggers repeat her recipes therefore I will not provide it here; visit her website where you will find the whole grain bagel recipe:, you might well return to attempt her other tempting baked goods.  I make things out of her cookbook regularly, some tasty cake recipes in there.

My homemade bagels are a great treat, several will go in the freezer to be consumed later as I am scared they might spoil before I can eat all six.  I sprinkled one with lots of sesame seeds and two with poppy seeds, two with both and one plain.  Do try them if you are yearning for a bagel with bite, one with some real yeasty flavor and you can add the toppings of your choice. I am thinking about getting some onion bits for a topping; wonder if anyone makes them gf? Worth a look for said freeze dried bits.  This recipe is a keeper.  No more dreams of bagels, I have the real deal in my kitchen…at last!

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