Kringle for Dessert or a Snack


What is a kringle? I will give you a clue….comes from Denmark.  Give up? Or did you just google it!  It is a large pastry stuffed with fruit or nut filling. It is very buttery and simply delightful. Back in my wheat flour days I made it often and it was yeast raised.  It is so buttery that once I was taking a kringle to my mom’s for dessert and my dear friend Lois was holding the platter; it went sliding and was on the floor in a heartbeat.  Luckily the floor had just been cleaned and we picked it up, none the wiser!  We love to laugh about it now but gosh things could have gone bad if it had fallen on a grimy surface… Moral; hold onto your kringle! coffee cake 020

This version which I have made a couple times uses just baking powder.  It was created by Bette Hagman, a pioneer in the gluten free cookbook industry.  From her “More from the Gluten-Free Gourmet” cookbook originally published in 1993. Don’t make it if you want something really healthy as it is rich and crisp, almost like shortbread.  But, if you are looking for a treat for company it is a nice choice; can slice it into about six to eight servings and no one will complain it is gluten free, or even know!

I prefer the canned Solo almond filling but I have made it with their fruit fillings as well; cherry comes to mind as tasty.  Actually I got my original recipe off of a Solo filling can back. Just check the can to be sure it is labeled GF.  If you are vegan use margarine but I prefer butter. I would not suggest any other substitutions, especially of the sour cream.  It makes 2 and I have one in my freezer, instant fancy dessert for sometime in the next month or so.

coffee cake 010coffee cake 007coffee cake 008coffee cake 009coffee cake 011coffee cake 019

We gobbled it up and I totally forgot to take a picture of it iced or sliced! Next time.

Danish Kringle


‘1 ½ cups white rice flour

½ cup tapioca flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. xanthan gum

1 cup butter or margarine, melted

½ cup ricotta cheese

½ cup sour cream

1 can Solo pie/pastry filling


½ cup confectioner’s sugar

  • 1 ½ tbsp milk


Directions: In a mixing bowl or stand mixer bowl stir together the dry ingredients, Stir in the butter, then the ricotta and sour cream. It will be very lumpy and wet.  Put plastic wrap on the bowl and chill for 2 plus hours.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Divide the dough in half.  Lay a long strip of plastic wrap and dump the dough half on it.  Cover with another piece of plastic wrap.  Roll it out to a rectangle about 10 x 16.  I kept moving bits in to fill gaps to make it more rectangular. Peel off the top plastic.  Lay a long line of the filling down the middle of the long way.  Use half the can.  Lift one side of the under plastic and roll it over the filling.  Gently press down the dough to seal in the filling.  Use the under plastic to gently roll the big pastry onto an ungreased baking sheet; I used a big one with low sides for more even heat.  Repeat this process with the other half of dough and rest of canned filling.  Slash the top of the pastry in about 4-5 places to allow the filling to peep out.   Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until light brown.

Mix the icing; I did it right in my measuring cup.  Drizzle on while pastry is still hot/pretty warm.

Notes: watch it closely while it bakes; mine was done a bit faster than I expected; edges got somewhat brown, still very tasty. So watch yours closely in the last few minutes. And hold onto that gem as it is very slidy on a platter!

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