GF Flour Choices and a Few Personal Words….

Wanna know what flour blends I favor? It took me a few months or maybe years to figure this out for my cooking style. First, I bought a zillion weird and a few typical gf flours. Tried to bake with each and every one of them. Found out a few kinda suck and stopped using them. Others are used infrequently but have real value for a few recipes that they match to. If you are new to gluten free or just trying to get into baking gf this post is for you.

My favorite blend is King Arthur’s Gluten Free All-Purpose blend; made of three flours; brown rice, potato starch and tapioca flour. It is versatile. It makes great pie crust that my family really loves. I use it in most of my muffin recipes. I use it for gf pasta making and for cookies that wow.  Get some and give it a try. I actually make my own blend (same exact blend as KA’s basic all-purpose flour) as it is cheaper but you can buy it at your local grocery store in a  box.


king arthur flour

Another blend I like very much is Better Batter, the copycat version you can find on glutenfreeonashoestring. I make a batch and keep it in the freezer so it stays fresh. Great for quick breads, desserts and pastries.

If you want a cup for cup replacement flour there are some good options; Cup 4 Cup or King Arthur’s Measure for Measure flour.  They can be used in your favorite recipes for the most part.

king arthur flour

white rice flour

White rice flour or cornstarch work well for breading things and thickening. I always keep both on hand. Ditto for tapioca flour which I use in my blends and some other recipes. Gotta have it available. I also keep sweet rice flour to use in my main blend and in a few recipes. It adds flakiness in my pie crust. Potato starch is great in my basic blend and a few other blends/recipes. Another must have.

I use sorgum flour in a number of recipes including my delish buttermilk pancakes. It has a nice flavor compared to things like quinoa flour or bean flours. Uggh on them! I still have some in my freezer but I NEVER willingly use them. I do have some chickpea flour but rarely have a need for it.

Occasionally I use teff flour; in small amounts. It makes breads darken and seem like rye or pumpernickel breads.   But, it can give a muddy flavor if you use too much. Coconut flour is another flour I keep in the freezer but only use occasionally.  It can dry out a recipe if you use too much so  use sparingly.

I just got some cassava flour to use to make flour tortillas.  I hear it is fantastic.  I’ll let you know how that goes…

My suggestion is that you start with one or two blends and a couple single flours that can be used in combination. I rarely ever use just one flour except for breading or thickening. A great blend is critical.

Don’t let all the flour choices discourage you.  Try a few and find out what works for you. Some need to be frozen or refrigerated especially if you don’t use them up rapidly; check for that storage information so your flour blend that costs a lot doesn’t get rancid on you.  Have fun!

A personal note. I am sorry I haven’t blogged much lately. Been struggling somewhat. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July and had a partial mastectomy in early August. On the first of October I started radiation therapy and it has sucked my energy and focus away from most of my enjoyable hobbies including this blog. I hope to feel better soon; 3.5 more weeks to go! At least I won’t lose my hair, LOL! I have done a bit of baking and cooking but due to my low energy I seldom can find it in me to write. This will change in November I hope.  Peace and happy gf cooking!

King Arthur GF Flour

Some months ago I heard that King Arthur Flour’s GF blend was just the same as the blend I use out of Annalise Roberts’ cookbooks.  So I started including that on all my blog postings that used her flour blend.  I must have told my sister that as she got me a box of the baking blend as a Christmas gift; so I would have flour ready to use in a hurry without measuring. I was pleased with that thought.  Opened it the other day and started using it.  king arthur flour baking mixBefore I scooped any I did read the package label.  It does have the same 3 flours as my fav blend but there are some additional ingredients; xanthan gum, baking powder, baking soda, salt and a few other things.  She gave me the baking mix.  A different beast indeed.

Hmmmn I was a bit distressed by that finding.  But I really didn’t have any more blend on hand so I went with the box.  I added more leavening than was already in but not the full amount the recipe specified.  For example; if it said 3/4 tsp. xanthan gum  I used half a teaspoon.  And if it wanted 1 3/4 tsp. baking powder I put in a slightly over the tsp. measure of it.  Without knowing the percentage of those add ins I felt I should add some but not really all; I went with about 3/4 of what the recipe asked for.  I have made a couple of things; cookies and crust.  All turned out fine.  So you can use it in my recipes; just cut back slightly in those three items; baking powder, salt and xanthan gum.

If you really want the exact blend that I prefer you need to buy King Arthur’s mult-purpose GF flour blend; it appears to not have those leavening additions.  king arthur blendFrom now on I may make that suggestion at the bottom of my posts so you can use the King Arthur ready made baking blend if you want or have to.

I am hoping to make some thumbprint cookies later today; sure that they will be gobbled up.

Happy New Year folks!