Gluten Free Rye Bread: YES!

Oh the quest for tasty gluten free bread continues. Missing rye bread has been one of the tougher things to deal with as I loved it back in my pre-celiac diagnosis days.  FYI: Rye flour has gluten in it and no other flour will give you the actual taste of rye.  Caraway seeds in the bread do help but to get rye flavor? I found but one solution: rye flavor powder.  Yeap; such a thing exists. Sold only by one company as far as I can tell; Authentic Foods.  You get a small shaker the size of a bottle of spices for about $6 but the kicker is the $8.99 shipping charge. rye flavor

  I hemmed and hawed for a long time (read two plus years) but finally chose to pay it.  I did get a bag of gf lemon cake mix which did not increase the shipping charge and was reasonably priced plus hard to find at a grocery store.  Still this was pricey; just under $21 for those two items plus shipping. I asked myself, will this rye bread be worth this cost for just a small bottle of flavoring?

The recipe I used came from Annalise Roberts’ Gluten-Free Baking Classics, Second Edition.  I made it just according to the recipe which uses her bread flour mix.  It is composed of several flours including brown rice flour, tapioca flour and potato starch as well as millet.  I already had some in my freezer. Bing bing bing, the recipe is very straightforward, nothing tricky.  I let it rise in my 8.5 x 4 inch metal bread pan and baked it.  Not much rise in the oven but it didn’t fall either!  rye bread and cassoulet 022

The flavor and texture were outstanding. I used half the caraway seeds as it seemed like a lot.  Next time I plan on the full amount just to see how it tastes.  This bread gave me back my rye.  Now, I did see a few comments on the Authentic Food’s related selling website:  People quarreling whether this could possibly be gluten free.  I used it, I found it not to make me ill and therefore I feel it is less than 20 ppm of gluten.  It is labeled gluten free and for my purposes it seems to be just that. Nuff said by me on that issue. I know folks who will argue on this topic for hours but I am comfortable with the safety of this product and will buy it gain when I run out.

I suggest that if you are missing rye bread this recipe is exactly what the doctor ordered! I was and now I have back my rye bread.  So can you.  Just fork over your cash and get that powder! I suspect you could put it in any basic gf bread recipe and if you want the bread seeded; add them too.  The recipe book is widely available; Amazon, Ebay, book stores; only $4 on Ebay!  gluten free baking classics I use many, many of these recipes and this is definitely a keeper cookbook you will turn to over and over again.  It’s the source for my flaky pie crust, cookie crusts, muffins, cookies, quick breads, wickedly great brownies and very tasty Irish soda bread.  It is fairly inexpensive. If you are going to bake gluten free it is a must own cookbook.  The muffins and brownies are very easy and always turn out great. I can’t recommend it enough.

Time for some gluten free rye toast…had some the other day with my breakfast eggs. Yumm!

Artisan Bread and Gluten Free…Yes!

Ever in search of the elusive tasty gluten free bread…. I saw a fb post that promised just that.  So I couldn’t resist the temptation.  I tested out the recipe.  Made the flour mix, yeap ANOTHER gf flour mix… OMG! I must have a dozen mixes stored in my house between freezer and cupboards.  This time, I told myself,will be different, this will be the best freaking gf bread I have ever made. Will it be worth the effort…I hope… Hope springs eternal in the breasts of all celiacs for bread that we can enjoy, bread without giant holes in it or that crumbles to an unholy mess when made into a sandwich.

Okay, one giant jar of flour mix later and one batch of sticky dough whipped up.  You keep the dough in the fridge and use a big chunk of it when you want bread.  I only made a half batch.  There is just me here and the dough needs to be used up in 5 days. Ten if you make it egg free but I read a lot of comments on how the egg whites are very important to the texture of this bread.  So egg whites in, tick tick my bread baking clock is running down….

The flour mix isn’t all that different from my favorite mix, has some sorghum flour which is the new darling around gf circles for making great texture and flavor in gf baking. It also has the xanthan gum already in it.  The big jar is still ¾ full after my mixing efforts.

I had made the dough mixture up Saturday but upon reading comments that it was best eaten within 2 days and that the refrigerator time contributed to a sourdough taste, I delayed baking a test loaf until Sunday.

Laid down a piece of parchment paper after Sunday lunch and scooped up half my squishy dough. Wet my hands and carefully formed it into a round small loaf.  It seemed a tad flat.  But I let it rise the required hour; added maybe 15 more minutes. You use a bread stone to bake the bread on; slide it in right on it’s parchment paper. Paper gets brown but doesn’t burn…hopefully anyway!

pretzels 003

Baked okay; not as high a rise as I might wish.  I let it cool a long while per the directions.  Took it with me to my mom’s assisted living.  We had it with the lentil stew I made earlier this past storm weekend. She adored the bread! It has a good outside crunch, close moist texture. Great artisan look and taste.  Score!

pretzels 004

Here is the recipe; way too long for me to post.

Debating buying the cookbook…..maybe as there are a lot of other great recipes in it.

Anyway; if you miss that chew and flavor of artisan breads; this recipe is for you.  I have one more loaf to make; waiting until Thursday; I want to see if it gets like sourdough. Hoping!