Baker Can’t Bake??

french bread pan
So, the baker can’t bake. Well…not with wheat, not and to eat! I consider myself a baker and a decent cook. I love to make bread of various sorts. For gosh sakes, I just perfected my slow rise wheat Italian bread last year. It is so good people ask what bakery I bought it at. No more of that. Bummer. So….the quest for decent GF baked goods is on. I made some tasty cookies; oatmeal raisin. They were sweet and crunchy and everyone loved them. I created some lovely delicate coconut raspberry muffins and a loaf of cinnamon current bread which was delightful toasted with butter lightly spread on the warm slice. I tried out a multigrain bread for my first bread effort and was not that happy with it. The teff flour in it made it taste sort of muddy. It is supposed to make it look and taste like whole wheat but I did not think that to be the case. Plus it got very crumbly which made it a total disaster to eat as part of a sandwich. So I didn’t make any more of that. A couple of weeks ago I made Italian bread with fennel seeds and golden raisins. Now I have to say that it was delicious out of the oven especially with some butter. You spoon the bread dough which is sort of loose and squishy into a French bread mold; has tiny holes to let in hot air and creates a certain pattern in the surface of the dough. It was not quite as good the next day but still very edible especially toasted. I made some yummy almond biscotti this past weekend which was well received. Crunchy, slightly sandy, very almondy and great with tea.

Originally published March 2013

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