The Devil Made me Do it! Deviled Eggs are a Great Snack!

So I was thinking about my favorite snacks after my recent re-posting of a snack post of last year.  There are now so many GF things to buy but frankly they are fairly expensive and full of weird stuff plus I don’t think some of them taste that yummy.  The other day my sister asked me about deviled eggs.  Then I read an article in Food Network Magazine extolling the delights of many versions of that very same classic picnic food.   You know, the one people used to carry in quaint Tupperware boxes with shallow egg half depressions.  It got me thinking and since Easter and hard boiled eggs are mere days away…I decided a post on an old favorite was in order: deviled eggs.   Image

Deviled Eggs; they are so easy to make, so old school and yet so very tasty.  They are naturally gluten free if you stay away from spice mixes or premade sauces. I don’t even use a recipe.  First I boil the eggs for 10 minutes and let them stand ten more in the hot water.  Chill and peel each egg carefully: I like to gently roll them around on the counter to crack them all over the shells.  Use the oldest eggs in your fridge for boiling; they peel easier and any size works fine.

I rinse them briefly after peeling and slice them the long way. Then dump the yolks into a shallow dish.  I add a scoop of good quality mayo, a ½ tsp or so of Dijon mustard, a splash of red wine vinegar, a sprinkle of sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  Don’t over blend and for goodness sake don’t add too much mayo, vinegar or mustard!  Excessive mustard is particularly egregious as the egg looks okay until you pop it in your mouth and the mustard sets your tongue on fire! Start with a small amount and add more until the taste is where you like it.

Then I scoop them into the empty egg white mounding up the filling. I don’t bother to pipe them in but you can!  An easy way to do that is put the filling in a ziplock bag, zip it and cut one corner out for piping it out of there.  Lastly, I like to sprinkle some paprika over it.  Some people guild the lily with a half olive (black or green as you like) but I prefer them plain.  Eat them the same day they are made, never a problem in my family as we never ever have leftovers.  They fly out of that dish like wings are attached to each egg half!  So, once the egg hunt is over,  you will be left with some eggs and this is a perfect usage that your family will cheer for. 

If you want the fancy versions check out this month’s Food Network Magazine at the library and whip up a few of them. Let me know what tastes good and maybe I will break with tradition and allow a funky topping to interfere with past deviled egg standards. Image


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