Just a few brief comments about my blog posts to clear up some issues.  Sometimes people ask if I have even made the recipe I just posted.  For the record: I never ever post recipes unless I have made them myself.  Also, I don’t post stuff that doesn’t taste good.  I do not post recipes I myself would never make again.  I don’t say it is yummy unless it is.  cranberry tartlets 001

Secondly: The pictures I post are almost always shots I have taken myself; they are pretty amateur so I doubt anyone will believe I got them anywhere but from my own camera! I do use pictures of food products or boxed gf products I find on line; better than pictures I could take of the stuff.

chickpea soup, salad, bread 017

Next, I do cook/bake the vast majority of the recipes I post over and over again.  I just made a batch of my granola the end of last week and I made homemade instant oatmeal this weekend.  The pie crust recipes I post are the two I use constantly in my own kitchen. Those muffins I post about often, I make muffins on a regular basis; about every three weeks.  I made my chickpea pasta soup this weekend; a post from last winter. To be honest I often cook right off my own blogged recipes; quick and easy to find them and my blog has all my changes to the dishes so I can best replicate tasty foods.

apple muffins 001

Finally, I never post stuff I don’t enjoy eating or that is crazy complicated.  I don’t post stuff made of bizarre ingredients, yes some things may be a bit unusual but I avoid ingredients I can’t find easily in my small town; either in the grocery store or the health food store. I want my food to be accessible: tasty, affordable and easy to replicate. Foods you would be happy to serve to company or just eat yourself when you crave homemade soup. I live to post yummy food for you to make.  I really do!

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