Outshine Fruit Ice Bars

Hot day in June here in eastern  Pennsylvania and much of the USA is feeling like the inside of my oven after I bake banana muffins. I should know as I made a batch last night.  Dang it was hot in my kitchen! Anyway, sometimes a chilly treat is in exactly what you need to conquer the heat.  I found these fruit pops in my grocery store; made by Outshine. I was looking for those fruit and veggie juice pops I enjoyed last year, no such luck but these are quite similar. Not a lot to them, mostly fruit puree or juice reconstituted from concentrate, some sugar, not all that much else.  Flavors are Strawberry, Tangerine medley and raspberry. They have 25 calories and no sodium.  The ingredients vary a little but the box says one gram sugar and no protein or cholesterol.  2 percent carbohydrates. The nice thing is they have some vitamin C; about 25% of your daily requirement of C; no guilt!

outshine fruit bars

I find them refreshing, light, and vastly better than a sugary fruit pop that often contains minimal fruit juice.  They are not too sweet but not sour either. Guilt free in my book.  You get twelve fruity bars to a box for about $4 which is a pretty decent deal to my way of thinking.  Cooling and tasty too! Perfect for forgetting the heat today, if only for a few blissful minutes.

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