Bratwursts From Aldi’s are the Best!

This post is an addendum to my buckwheat crepe post of the other day. I neglected to tell you how delish the bratwurst were in my crepe wrap entree. I bought the package of 4 uncured Bavarian bratwurst at Aldi’s. They were kinda pale and unexciting looking in the shrink wrap but when I pan fried them in a bit of olive oil they browned up nicely. Each brat was still juicy and tender with a delicate flavor I was very impressed with. bratwurst

I have bought brats before at other grocery stores and found them rather dull and pedestrian. These are thinner, longer and far tastier.  bratwurst packageUncured means they have less junk added in the curing process of many sausages.  Definitely a yummy and healthyish choice for sausage in any recipe. They cook in about ten minutes.  And grilling them is on the package as an alternative to the frying pan. Next time I will try them on my grill. Maybe for camping…

They are imported from Germany so I am guessing they are very authentic compared to stuff made in the USA. I give these an A plus in every category. Enjoy!

Addendum: I have not been able to find these yummy brats in many months. I still look for them most every time I visit Aldi’s and hope they will have become available again.

UPDATE: have found them recently at Aldi’s and at Lidls. So yummy!  5/2021.

4 thoughts on “Bratwursts From Aldi’s are the Best!

  1. DAVID BURNS says:

    When I was stationed in Germany with the Army, these are the brats I remember. We lived in the German state of Hesse and these are the only ones that I remember being sold as fast food. There were other types in stores, but these Bavarian style were the ones you bought at a food cart/stand at fests on the street or at carnivals. At least back in the 1970’s.

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      • Alfy says:

        Tried them for the first time today and the are delicious. Mom did them in her air fryer and the came out browned and juicy. The are on my next shopping list.


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